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how to make sarm liquids capsules sarmxxl

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Many researchers are looking into sarms nowadays for the great potential this compound has. When looking to buy sarms online, it becomes clear that sarms are being sold as liquids, capsules and raw powder. As I got a lot of questions how to make sarm liquid and capsules it’s time to explain.

The benefits to make your own liquid or capsules is that you know for sure what’s inside and the dose is correct. It’s also easy to make the right dose for your own research project. That is exactly why, we at SARMXXL, always produce our own liquids and capsules!!!

First of all make sure you buy your powder sarms at a trusted sarmshop. When your powder arrives you can first check if you have the real deal. I refer to my other blog, how to recognize good quality sarms, how to check the quality of sarms. Of course you can have a look in our shop as we sell also pure sarm powders, all third party tested. So now you have the powder and it’s time for the next step.

To make capsules from your sarm powder you will be needing:

  • empty capsules
  • a capsule machine
  • a bowl
  • filler
  • scale (accuracy 0.01gram)

First of all mix your sarm powder with the filler in a bowl thoroughly. We use a special powder mixer for this but for a small batch a bowl will do. For the filler you need to use a fine powder such as protein powder, baking soda, corn starch, Flour,creatine or other edible powder. We like to use maltodextrine as it’s gluten free and vegan. Maltodextrine is used in candy, suaces, koffie, gelatine and sport drinks. To measure out how much filler you need depends on the size of capsules you will be using. The most common size is 00 and 0. Make sure you buy your capsule machine and the capsules of the same size otherwise the capsules don’t fit in the machine!!!

So to know how much filler you need follow these steps. Fill up 10 capsules (without sarms) and weigh the capsules. Also weigh 10 empty capsules. Weight of the full capsules minus the weight of the empty capsules gives you the amount of grams of filler needed to make 10 capsules.

To weigh the sarm powder it’s just doing the math. When for instance you want 10 mg (0.01 gram) per capsule, you need 100 mg (0.1 gram) for 10 capsules and 1000mg (1 gram) for 100 capsules. So mix your sarms (you can also combine multiple sarms in your filler to make stacks) well and fill up the capsules. Press them together and the job is done.

To make liquid from your sarm powder you will be needing:

  • a beaker
  • pan with hot water
  • small bottle with dropper (30 ml or 50ml)
  • solution liquid
  • scale (accuracy 0.01 gram)

First put your solution liquid in the beaker , 30 ml or 50 ml, depending on the bottle you will be be using. Add your sarm powder. Put the beaker in the pan with hot water and slowly warm up your liquid. Make sure no water from the pan get into the beaker. Stir gently when heating up your liquid. With this method of hot water you will not overheat the solution as this will damage the sarms. When the sarms are solved, gently pour the suspension into the bottle. At higher doses not all sarms may dissolve. So before using your liquid always shake well and spread the remaining sarms evenly through the bottle. In that way your dose will be accurate.

To calculate how much sarms have to be used do the math. Always calculate how much sarm you want per ml and multiply with the ml’s of your bottle size. For instance when you want 20 mg per ml for a 30 ml bottle; 30 x 20 mg is 600 mg (0.6 gram). When buying a bottle with a dropper, make sure you buy with a 1 ml dropper. In that case it’s easy to dose and when is 20 mg per ml you know 1 full dropper contains 20 mg. half dropper will be 10 mg and quarter of the dropper 5 mg.

So as you see it’s not rocket science but what is very important to make the right liquid is to choose the right solution liquid. Most common solution liquids are ; Propylene Glycol (PPG) , PEG-400, DMSO and Ethanol. Here below I will give you the possibilities per kind of sarm:

  • Ligandrol (LGD4033) soluble in PPG, DSMO and Ethanol
  • Cardarine (GW501516) soluble in PEG-400, water (partial) and Ethanol
  • S4 soluble in PPG, DMSO, PEG-400 and Ethanol
  • Ibutamoren (MK677) soluble in water, DSMO, Ethanol and PPG
  • Testolone (RAD140) soluble in DSMO, Ethanol and PEG-400
  • Stenabolic (SR9009) soluble in PPG, DSMO and Ethanol
  • Ostarine (MK2866) soluble in PPG, DSMO and Ethanol
  • YK11 soluble in DSMO and Ethanol
  • S23 soluble in DSMO and Ethanol

Only beware of using DMSO. A lot of researchers complain about bad body odor when taking this. It’s naturally found in garlic but the odor you will be develop from DSMO is terrible. We only use this for YK11 and S23 at our shop as we don’t prefer Ethanol.

In our online shop for sarms you can find all solvents we are using to make liquid sarms at the information with each sarm liquid. We sell our liquids in 3 different doses and also our capsules to make it easy to choose from. We did the work for you. But now you know how to make sarm liquid and capsules so feel free to buy the best powder sarms online at our shop.

When looking for more information about sarms check these sites, and Of course for any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at


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