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By June 18, 2020October 15th, 2023No Comments

When you are looking to buy sarms online using credit card or paypal, you will soon find out that it is not so widely available. Payment with bitcoins, banktransfer or other payment options are very common. So why are sarmshops offering credit card payment or paypal payment so hard to find?

As we are a sarmshop ourselves, we experienced all the difficulties in this matter. First of all I will start to explain the difficulties with paypal. When we started our shop we opened a business paypal account. That part was easy as all information was checked by computers and we got approved.

The next step was to implement the paypal into our webshop what is also very easy. At first all was good and we were receiving paypal payments for our sarm products. But when doing so, all our products were also visible in the statements on the paypal account. It didn’t took long before paypal found out that we were using paypal to receive payments for sarm products. An e-mail followed in which paypal told us that they don’t allow these products as they refer to it as selling medicine without prescription.

The result was that our paypal account was closed immediately and all funds in the account were frozen. It took 180 days before we could transfer the funds to our bankaccount as paypal have the monopoly power and cannot be argued with.

So for sarmshops it’s nearly impossible to use this option at the check-out. Paypal will find out very quickly and close the account. Some shops find a solution to this as when you would like to pay with paypal, you will be redirected to another web page, not related to sarms, where it’s possible to pay.

The other option, credit card payments, is also not easy to get. Sarm related products are not likely to be supported by payment providers. Once they find out, they will stop their services. So we were looking for a solution.

We made another website not related to sarms and applied for credit card payments there which is no problem to get. So now you can buy sarms using a credit card at our shop.

As many shops will not go to the length we did and not put so much time in to get approved they will likely not have this option. We at SARMXXL want to have the best service a sarms shop can offer so a credit card payment option for our sarm products was a must.

By working with two payment providers we are proud to have a wide variety of payment options. Our payment options include:

  • iDEAL for dutch customers
  • Bancontact for Belgium customers
  • Giropay for German customers
  • Sofort banking for customers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands
  • Bitcoin for customers worldwide
  • Credit/VISA card for customers worldwide

So when looking to buy sarms online using credit card , you are welcome at SARMXXL. Buy high quality sarms online at SARMXXL. All our sarms have been third party tested to ensure we sell the highest quality sarms online possible. We ship worldwide and within 24 hours.

In our assortment we have 14 different sarms :

  • Ostarine (MK2866)
  • Cardarine (GW501516)
  • Andarine (S4)
  • Testolone (RAD140)
  • Stenabolic (SR9009)
  • YK11
  • S23
  • Ligandrol (LGD4033)
  • Ibutamoren (MK677)
  • Ostarine ester (OTR-AC)
  • super cardarine (GW0742)
  • Benzoate (RAD150)
  • Stenabolic new (SR9011)
  • Ligandrol new (LGD3303)

All products are sold as capsules, liquids and powder. And all capsules and liquids have 3 different strengths to choose from. Whether you are looking for low dosed sarms or highly dosed sarm products, SARMXXL is the place to be. And we offer also very competitive prices. Our XXL serie are the highest dosed sarms on the market for the lowest price.

Furthermore we are a highly rated sarm supplier with excellent customer service. If you would like more information, don’t hesitate to contact us. When looking for more information about sarms check these sites: and

We hope to see you soon in our shop and we are ready to take your order.


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