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Liquid sarms

When it comes to SARMS (selective androgen receptor modulators) , there are basically three ways in which SARMS are being sold. As SARM capsules, SARM powder and SARM liquids. I want to give the best information about sarms liquids so you will know all about.

What are SARMS ?

SARMS is short for selective androgen receptor modulators. A selective androgen receptor modulator targets androgen receptors in designated areas in the body such as muscle tissue and bone tissue. That is also the main difference with anabolic steroids which targets all tissues in the body and have much more negative side effects. SARMS are being developed as treatment for muscle wasting, osteoporosis and other diseases. Benefits of taking sarms includes increased bone density, muscle growth, increased lean muscle mass, fat loss and increased bone strength.

Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts researching SARMS for its muscle building ability and a quick increase in muscle mass.

What are liquid sarms ?

Liquid sarms is not really sarms that have been liquified. A liquid sarm refers to sarms that have been solved in a solution. There are several solvents for sarms and depending on the sarm , an appropriate solvent is being used.

When asking yourself, how to make liquid sarms myself, I will describe here how its done. You will be needing a beaker, a solvent, a scale and the sarm you want to solve. In order to determine the dosage of your liquid do the math. Let’s say you need MK 677 10 mg. You buy sarms mostly per gram so 1 gram = 1000 mg. So if you would use 100 ml solvent then 1000 mg divided by 100 ml is 10 mg per 1 ml. When using 50 ml it would be 1000 mg divided by 50 ml is 20 mg per 1 ml.

When determined how much solvent will be used, pour this amount in the beaker and throw in the sarms. Place the beaker in a pan water and slowly heat it as the heat will help to solve the sarms. Don’t overheat the beaker ! When you can’t put your finger inside the water is a good indicator that it will get too hot. Slowly stir till the sarms are dissolved. It is that easy to make liquid sarms yourself.

Different solvents to make liquid sarms

As i mentioned before different sarms need different solvents. I will go over the different kind of sarms one by one and the different solvents used for them.

Make Mk 677 liquid sarms

Mk 677 can be solved in a lot of solvents. MK 677 is soluble in water, DSMO, Ethanol and PPG. We use PPG as solvent. PPG stands for propylene glycol and is determined non-toxic by the world health organisation. We never use a alcohol solution (ethanol) as we also have clients like Muslims who cannot tolerate alcohol. Also water is not our favourite to dissolve MK 677. Beware that one of the side effects of Mk 677 is increased appetite.

Make RAD 140 liquid sarms

RAD 140 can be solved in DSMO, Ethanol and PEG-400. We use PEG-400 for our RAD 140 liquid. PEG stands for polyethyleenglycol and is being used pharmaceutical, medicinal and cosmetic sectors and is not dangerous for human consumption. Buy the best RAD 140 liquid at our shop.

Make MK 2866 liquid sarms

MK 2866 can be solved in PPG, DSMO and Ethanol. PPG is our standard choice for this research compound. Mk 2866 is a very versatile sarm and can be used for fat loss and muscle growth.

Make Cardarine liquid sarms

Cardarine is soluble in PEG-400, water (partial) and Ethanol. We don’t recommend water though as it is not really the best. Our choice for Cardarine is PEG-400. Buy sarms with the highest quality such as Cardarine in our shop to have the best results.

Make Ligandrol liquid sarms

Ligandrol is best solved in PPG, DSMO and Ethanol. We are using PPG to dissolve Ligandrol. Buy sarms such as Ligandrol and other sarms with the highest purity at SARMXXL for your muscle building.

Make YK 11 liquid sarms

YK 11 is somewhat harder to dissolve then other sarms. The only two solvents to do the job are DSMO and Ethanol. We are using DMSO to solve YK11. As DMSO can be used to make a lot of different liquids, we don’t like to use it too much. DMSO is naturally found in garlic and tends to give the body a bad odor.

Make S 23 liquid sarms

S 23 solves the same like YK 11. DMSO and ethanol can be used for this research compound.

Make Andarine S4 liquid sarms

Andarine is soluble in PPG, DMSO, PEG-400 and Ethanol. We use PPG for this compound. Note that one of the side effects of this compound is altered vision.

Newest liquid sarms

The liquids of our newest sarms includes Benzoate RAD 150 liquid, Ligandrol LGD 3303 liquid, Stenabolic SR 9011 liquid, Ostarine OTR-AC liquid and Cardarine GW 0742 liquid. All these liquids except for RAD 150 solve in PEG-400. For RAD 150 we use DMSO. Buy sarms such as this newest sarms on the market at our shop to ensure best quality.

Where to buy liquid sarms ?

When you are looking where are the best liquid sarms for sale, don’t look any further. We offer high quality sarms all third party tested with the highest purity for the best prices. Also all our liquid sarms comes in 3 different doses so it is easy to find the right dosage for your research. That combined with the best customer service of all sarms vendors makes us an easy choice. Furthermore we make all our products ourselves so we can guarantee the right dosage of each product and no other additives then pure high quality sarms are being used in our products.

Note that all our sarms are intended for research purposes only and not fit for human consumption